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Dog Dental Care: Bad Breath

Why does my dog’s breath smell? You know what I'm talking about—when your furry friend's breath could use a mint or two. So, what causes bad breath in dogs and what can we do about it? It's often a sign that something's amiss.

4th of July Pet Safety Tips

Whether you’re hitting the road this Independence Day or spending quality time at home, we’ve got tips to help you prepare your pet for the festivities.

TPLO Surgery 101: for Pet Owners

If you have a dog (especially a large dog), you’ve probably heard that dogs are prone to knee injuries. You may have heard the terms CCL or TPLO surgery thrown around. If you haven’t–here’s a quick run-down of what those words mean and why they’re important when we discuss canine knee injuries.

Tips to Spot and Manage Your Pet’s Arthritis Pain

In honor of Arthritis Awareness Month, we’re discussing signs and symptoms of arthritis and what to do if you suspect your furry friend may be suffering from joint pain.

Signs Your Cat Is in Pain (And How to Help)

Here are a few key signs that your cat may be in pain and treatment options that Advanced Veterinary Care of Olathe can offer your cat.

Wellness Tips for Puppy Parents

In celebration of National Puppy Day on March 23, we’re covering a few basic puppy wellness tips to consider for your new or recently adopted puppies.

February is Pet Dental Health Month

Did you know that February is National Pet Dental Health Month? In celebration we’re covering everything you need to know about oral care for your pet.  

Wait…My Pet Can Get A Vaccine That Lasts 3 Years?

Preventive health plans are not one-size-fits all so make sure you consult with your veterinarian before deciding what vaccine schedule, and preventive care is the best fit for your pet.

2023 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Pet

If you’ve been struggling to find an accountability partner for as you embark upon lifestyle changes, look no further than your pet! We’ve got some great ideas to help you make healthy lifestyle changes for your pet that you can both feel good about.

6 Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe This Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Raise your hand if you’re gearing up to host a big crowd. While you know what is safe for your pet to eat, we often see an increase in food-related veterinary  visits around the holidays. Why? Because even though you’re a pro, guests often unknowingly feed pets un-approved foods.

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